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2 Way Connector Supplier In Delhi NCR

Shyama fire protection services in engaged in providing our client’s needs of 2 way connectors for their fire safety needs, we are a prominent name in fire safety industry dealing in the fire safety equipment made up of best quality material and in the terms of performance they deliver accurate and efficient performance when they are used for any fire emergency, two way connector are a important part of your fire safety system. Shyama fire protection services is a leading 2 way connector supplier in Delhi NCR

Importance of 2 Way connector

  • 2 way connector are designed in such way that they can fit two fire hoses with branch pipe at the time of fire emergency

  • 2 way connector carry lots of importance in the fire safety and fire fighting process as it gives you an advantage that in place of one outlet form where the water supply is coming from, you have now 2 outlets so now more efficiently and much faster you can carry on with the process of fire fighting.

  • 2 fire outlets where you can connect the fire hose, as we all have heard that 2 is always better than 1, so here’s why 2 way connector is essential for fire safety. 2 way connector gives you a better edge over one way fire hose connector.

  • 2 way connector also does the work fast and efficiently as when the water is coming out of two outlets then obviously you can control or extinguisher fire completely in less time, and in the time of emergency every second counts as with the passing of every second there is a risk that it may become bigger and uncontrollable, so 2 way connector buys you time and executes the elimination of fire in time causing less damage and destruction.

Use of 2 Way Connector

  • 2 way connector is used in both commercial and residential places as it is counted as essential part of fire safety system, 2 way connector can be used to extinguish fire at much fast rate than the one way connector.

  • Commercial places such as offices, factories, warehouses or other commercial buildings which are prone to situation like fire accidents they have 2 way connectors, 2 way connector are not automatic they are manual but the automatic ways of fire extinguishing can only contain and control fire but it has to be extinguisher with manual power and ways. Fire hoses and branch pipe connected with 2 way fire connector are lethal against any type of fire as they can extinguish them with double force.

  • Residential places such as residential buildings and homes are also prone to fire accidents, so places like this also use 2 way connector so that in case of any fire emergency they can eliminate fire with speed without it causing damage to property and human life.

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