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Hand Operated Siren in Delhi

Shyama fire protection services are foremost and reliable hand operated siren supplier for our precious clients and customers, we have been in this industry form quite a while and know exactly how to cater the needs of clients by providing them top-notch quality fire safety products so that when there’s any emergency our products perform their best for the sake of your safety. We deal in some of the best brands of Hand Operated siren such as Kheraj, Pro-Tec.

What Is A Hand Operated Siren

While we live in the modern world it produces more advanced electronic sirens which work automatically, in some areas or industries or factories hand operated sirens are still in use. A Hand operated siren is a type of siren that has a distinct handle at the back of the main head. When you rotate that handle it produces a sound which as a warning sign for people working there that a fire emergency has occurred at your place everyone gets to a safe place. What makes hand operated sirens different from other types of electric and automatic sirens is that it can be used at the time of no electricity when all the automatic and electronic equipment fail to respond even at that time you can warn everyone about the fire emergency and save them from any casualty.

Range of the hand operated siren is from

  • 0.5 kilometer

  • 1.0 Kilometer

  • 1.5 Kilometer

How Does Hand Operated Siren Works

As from the name it depicts that its hand operated so there is no need for any kind of electric input since it would be working with your energy and intensity by which you will be rotating the handle a few times to produce a sound slowly getting louder with every turn you make. It has a motor installed inside that drives the shaft which is attached to a rotor, also called a chopper or fan, to both the ends. Every rotor is surrounded by a stator, a sort of casing, which has a various number of holes that are rectangular in shape.

Each of the blades of the hand operated siren draws and forces the air out through the slots inside the stator while the plates at the end of each of the blades stop or interrupt the flow. As a result, it creates rarefied and alternating compressed air pressure that produces a deafening sound.

In easy works the rotation of the handle generates electricity which powers the sound of the siren, the reach and intensity of the siren increase with the increase of speed of rotation.

Most trusted Hand Operated Siren Supplier in Delhi

The hand operated sirens may sound outdated but they are extremely useful at the time of power cuts or no electricity, on our advice one must have both hand operated siren and electric siren so that you are prepared for every type of emergency because human lives is what comes first other than anything.

Leading Hand Operated Siren Supplier in Delhi

As we are the best hand operated siren supplier, we go by the vision that to our clients and customers the product we provide should be the best as their lives depend on them at the time of emergency and we don’t want to compromise with that, that’s why we provide you the best quality and of best brands.

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