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Commercial and Residential Smoke Detector Installation Service in Delhi

Shyama Fire Protection Service is one of the most prominent providers of commercial and residential smoke detector installation service in delhi, we have been doing this work form quite a while and have gained lots of industrial experience on how to carry out this work with absolute perfection, we have a team of experienced specialists who execute this task leaving no margin for error.

One Of The Oldest Fire Sprinkler System Installation Service in Delhi NCR

A smoke detector is a device used to monitor chances of a fire outbreak. As the saying goes “There’s no fire without a smoke”, therefore it becomes genuinely important to detect smoke. Also it is an easier way to track down fire as even a small sized fire emits smoke. Timely notification of an adversity may lead to prevention of a major disaster. You may or may not be able to stop the fire outbreak but at least it can be controlled before it reaches to its full might. Smoke detectors have become so popular over the years that they can be found at even the most unexpected places. Either private or public places, either small size or big size buildings, either crowded or empty spaces you can easily find a smoke detector staring down from the ceiling.

Smoke Detector Installation Service in Delhi

Smoke detectors are of two types

  • Hard Wired
  • Battery Operated

    The battery operated ones are very easy to install and they can be installed by anyone whereas the hard wired ones require a professional which may cost some money. The former even costs less than the battery operated smoke detectors.

Oldest Smoke Detector Installation Service in Delhi

The importance of smoke detectors can be understood by the fact that more than 38 percent of home fire deaths are a consequence of fires where smoke detectors were absent. Consequently, it can be concluded that smoke detecting devices can reduce the risk of death through fire to half. We at FPS profoundly understand how precious your life is, that is why we offer brands that provide you with the best smoke detectors. You can buy these devices for any type of building like homes, offices, schools, colleges and other places where you need protection from fire or you want to keep it a strictly non smoking zone. All in all, a smoke detector is not only a life saving device but an accessory item for your valuable property.

FAQ’s on Smoke detector Installation Services

There is a minimum number as well as an optimum number of smoke detectors required to protect a home. Minimum requirement is to put a smoke detector in the corridor or stairwell of each floor. However, the optimum solution would be to place a smoke detector outside every bedroom door.

The hard wired smoke detectors usually do not have any maintenance cost unless they have to be replaced but the battery operated ones demand new batteries from every 4 to 6 months depending upon the usage. Batteries can be easily replaced by a non professional.

Smoke detectors should be placed very tactically. False alarms will occur if a smoke detector is placed within the bathroom as the hot water’s smoke will trigger the alarm. This condition also applies to fire places where the smoke occurs through a controlled fire. Avoid placing a smoke detector near ventilation shafts as well because it will prevent the smoke from reaching the smoke detector.

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