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Residential and Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Suppliers in Delhi NCR

Shyama Fire protection services is a leading fire sprinkler system supplier in Delhi NCR, our ceiling fire sprinklers are made up of highest grade material and latest cutting edge technology so that as per our promise we provide you the best product for fire safety of your commercial/industrial property, our sprinklers are brass/Chrome finished, high pressure and of anti corrosive material for long lasting service and high performance at the time of fire emergency, we deal trusted brands like Tyco, H.D and Aqua, so that we live upto the expectation of our clients by completing the promises we made about the quality of our products

Leading Fire Sprinkler System Suppliers in Delhi NCR

Ceiling Fire sprinklers are one of the most effective and immediate measures which holds the capability of controlling the fire before causing maximum damage A fire sprinkler system is the most active and impactful method to combat fire. These are extensively used as fire fighting equipment. We have a long list of our satisfied clients who are using our service for a long time. We not only deal in fire sprinklers but we also install them with perfection in your whole premises with the help of our team which consists of experts and engineers who are having apt experience in this field. If you are looking for fire extinguisher supplier in Delhi NCR then you have come to the right place.

FAQs on Residential and Commercial Fire Sprinkler System

Yes fire sprinklers works automatically when it comes in contact with extensive heat, theses a sensitive glass bulb filled with glycerin-based liquid which expands when comes in contact heat, so it bursts and activates the water flow through and act as a first line of defense against any fire that broke out at your place, it helps in controlling fire in its early stages before it uncontrollable and cause damage to life and property.

As we quoted earlier Fire sprinklers act as a first line of defense against any fire emergency, they act automatically when comes in contact with heat and fire like situation. You’ll feel safe if you have a fire sprinkler system installed at your place.

You should get your fire sprinklers checked quarterly, as fire sprinklers are sensitive equipment they require proper care, inspection and maintenance so it works properly in emergency situations.

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