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Fire Alarm Control Panel Supplier in Delhi NCR

Every year fire cause loss worth of billions but most importantly lives, a fire panel is a safety appliance that buildings require to set into motion a number of tasks, Now due to increasing urbanization the risk of fire calamity is also increasing, it may cause a lot of materialistic and life damage so to prevent that The main work of a fire alarm control panel is to activate a quick emergency alarm when there’s a fire in premises so that everyone in the building gets out safely in time. Shayma Fire Protection Services is one of the best fir alarm control panel supplier in Delhi NCR. We deal in all types of fire alarm panels of trusted and genuine brands which work perfectly on the time of need; our experienced team of experts will install alarm and alarm panel on your premises for optimal safety of people and property. Fire alarms are important as it helps to save time

We Sell and Service Fire Alarm Panel of all Major Brands in India Including following:

Conventional Fire Alarm Panel Supplier in Delhi NCR

We offer a wide range of Conventional fire Alarm panel which is used in various places like office, Shopping mall, industries and many malls. We offer a variety of brands like Apollo, Agni Ravel, GST to cater the need of our client Places of use- Educational institute, Big building, apartments, Factories and malls.

Addressable Fire Alarm Panel Supplier in Delhi NCR

With an intent to increase the standing we have built , we are occupied in offering a wide range of Addressable fire Alarm panel like Notifier, Siemens, Agni, Edward and Morley. We have expert engineers for the installation as well. Places of Use – Malls, Office complexes, Big Institutions.

Fire Alarm Panel Repair Supplier in Delhi NCR

If your system breaks down or needs repairing servicing, FPS can help repair the issues related to your fire alarm panel. We can replace Fire alarm panel batteries and repair detectors, pull stations, bells or any other issues related to fire alarm panel. Our expert technicians are experienced and qualified to fix any problems your alarm system has.

Fire Alarm Panel Maintenance Supplier in Delhi NCR

We also provide maintenance services for your fire alarm panel, as every other equipment requires timely maintenance for its proper working at the time of need, wiring of the system needs inspection after specific period of time also the whole alarm panel needs timely maintenance so that it notifies you when there is a outbreak of fire in your premises


Fire alarm system is very important safety system for properties around the world; fire can cause major damage to property and life inside it, that’s where fire alarm plays its role in making people aware of the emergency situation so that they can evacuate the premises in time and inform the local fire authority in time so that they can control situation before it gets out of hands.

Yes; fire alarm is quite effective in situation of fire emergency, there are different types of fire alarm panels it depends what types fits your property, there are fire panels who if detects smoke and rise in temperature they’ll trigger sprinkler and inform fire department about emergency, some trigger alarm so people can get out in time, a matter of second can save many lives and fire alarm can make a difference.

Take fire safety alarm and panel are the first line of defense against any fire calamity occurring at your property; it would give you early notice about it so you have enough time to get to safety also it’ll give notice to authority so they can control situation before it becomes incontrollable.

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