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The Best Hose Reel Set Supplier In Delhi, India

Shyama fire protection service is engaged in catering the demand of our clients as we are the best hose reel set supplier in Delhi, india. We offer our clients the best quality made and precisely designed range of long lasting fire hose reel sets and fire hose reel box. Our fire hose reel set contains a heavy duty Hose reel drum which can withstand a hose pipe of 30 meters with Gunmetal or brass branch pipe. Its comprehensive structure makes it Space saving, compact and Easy to Handle. One can fit it easily anywhere without any problem.

Hose Box

There are two types of Hose box

  • Single Door Hose Box Delhi

  • Double Door Hose Box Delhi

Shyama fire protection service is also engaged in catering the demand of our clients of high quality Single door hose box and Double door hose box is well-known for its comprehensive, compact and long lasting design. Our supply range is across all over India. We get our products manufactured by some of very renowned and reliable manufacturers because we want our clients to have best quality products in case of any fire emergency. Shyama fire protection services is a leading Single door hose box supplier in Delhi NCR.

Importance of Fire Hose Reel Set and Hose Box

  • Fire hose reel set and hose box are together essential in fire protection and safety of our commercial or residential places

  • Without fire hose reel and fire hose box the hose pipe will have no permanent place to be kept, on the other hand hose pipe would be damaged and be of no use if it is not kept hose reel set and hose box. Hose box marks the one permanent place for hose pipe as well as protect it from getting damaged.

  • Fire reel set is also very essential as the hose pipe wraps around it and it is ready to use in case of any fire emergency, if it’s not wrapped around the reel set then if there is any case of emergency then it would have folds in it and would take a lot of time to get set up for fighting the fire accident. Also with the fire hose reel it becomes very easy for setting the hose pipe with fire hydrant as the hose pipe is well organized and in now easy to use.

  • Another importance of fire hose box and reel set is that it’s of red colour which can be noticed form quite a distance in the time of emergency, the bright red colour is even visible in smoke also.

Most Trusted Hose Reel Set Supplier In Delhi

Shyama fire protection service always stood upon the expectation of our clients and customers by providing them the high quality products which they were seeking for. We do not compromise with the safety of our clients as we understand value of safety and what it means to you. That’s why our experts inspect every product before sending it to you, we believe in being double sure before providing you with your safety equipment which we call safety before safety.

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