What is Fire Protection System

May 12, 2020
Posted by Shyama Fire

Before knowing how the Fire protection system works one needs to know what a fire protection system is, the combination of fire detection and fire elimination component which all together becomes a fire protection system. A fire protection comprises smoke detectors,Fire extinguishers, Fire hydrants, fire sprinklers, fire alarms which are connected to a fire alarm panel, Fire alarm is motherboard of fire protection system as all the components of the system are connected to it and it controls them all. Fire protections is a compulsory safety measure for all buildings as fire is an unannounced emergency which can spread at high pace being a threat to safety of people working and living there also it causes damage to property.

Components of a fire protection system

The fire protection system is like a team work, it requires a lot of components in place to make it work perfectly at the time of emergency, The components are as such Smoke detectors, Fire sprinkler, Fire hydrant, fire alarm, Fire hose and fire alarm panel. Also fire protection has a very important component which is manually operated it’s the fire extinguisher. All these components ensure fire safety of your place, their working together is called the fire protection system.

How Fire Protection System Works

The working of a fire protection system is divided in parts where each and every component of the system plays a very important part. From smoke detector to fire sprinkler and from fire hydrant to alarm panel combine work as a team to serve the cause of fire protection.

Smoke Detector or Heat Detector

Smoke detector or heat detector are the first component of a fire protection system as they are the one who detect the fire, through smoke or heat which are the primary signs of a fire that broke out at your place. Smoke detectors are very useful as they as a whistleblower of a fire accident

Fire Sprinkler

The act in line is a fire sprinkler which acts as an instant emergency response system for a fire accident that broke out at your place, Fire sprinklers act immediately when they come in contact with heat, either the get turned on themselves or the turn on by the response on the smoke detector. But fire sprinklers act as a first line of defense against any fire emergency, it stops fire from taking bad shape and being uncontrollable.

Fire Warning alarm

Fire warning alarms are a very important aspect of a fire protection system as they inform everyone about the emergency which just hit them so that everyone who works there or lives there can get out to safety in time having no damage to anyone.

Fire alarm panel

Fire alarm panels can be called brains of the fire protection system as they control them all, fire alarm panel is connected to smoke detector fire alarm and fire sprinkler. Fire protection system can be controlled from there.

Fire Hydrant and Fire hose pipe

Fire hydrant and hose pipe together are a promising combination of fire protection systems, as they are manual ways of controlling fire but effective as they can be used to control and eliminate large scale fires.

Fire protection system works as following a fire broke out at your place, it is detected by your smoke detector. It'll pass the information to the fire alarm panel which will activate the fire sprinkler and fire alarm. This is how automatic fire protection works. Also manual fire protection comprises a fire extinguisher, fire hydrant and hose pipe which are promising fire eliminating and controlling measures.

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