When And Where To Refill Fire Extinguisher

May 16, 2020
Posted by Shyama Fire

We tend to think of fire extinguishers as saviors as they’re always nearby, ready and waiting in case a fire emergency breaks out. But the truth is that fire extinguishers often are not ready, because they haven’t been properly kept and maintained. There are countless stories of people attempting to stop an raging fire with a portable extinguisher and then they realize that it’s empty or not being maintained properly and it is not in any working condition.

Everyone from homeowners to business owners needs to understand the importance of timely recharging and maintenance of fire extinguishers. This process is a very important aspect as service, maintenance and refilling cannot be ignored as they play a very important role in fighting any fire emergency.

When And Where To Refill Fire Extinguisher?

  • Fire extinguishers need to be recharged immediately after every use as the material inside them is not permanent. Even if the extinguishing agent inside the extinguisher is not completely discharged, still the extinguisher needs to be serviced and maintained in order to make sure it’s ready for its next use. Even a minimal discharge or usage from extinguisher will normally result in leakage and an eventual total loss of pressure needed for proper operation for fire emergencies.

  • Fire extinguishers need to be recharged in certain period of time throughout their life, even if they haven’t been used. Fire extinguishers require periodic internal examination, maintenance and recharging. So that they works smoothly at the time of fire emergency.

  • Extinguishers also need to be internally examined in certain period of time or recharged due to damage or other environmental factors that may result in extinguishers becoming depressurized.

What is the fire extinguisher recharging process?

Fire extinguisher recharging or refilling should be performed by trained professionals. Fire protection services companies have the proper tools, training, knowledge and workers to ensure that your fire extinguishers are in perfect working condition and that they have been properly refilled with the material which is meant to be filled inside.

This is not a guide for how to recharge a fire extinguisher, but just an overview so that you can understand the process.

  • First, the fire extinguisher is completely depressurized and the agent removed from the cylinder.

  • The discharge valve is removed from the fire extinguisher.

  • Then the extinguisher is refilled with extinguishing agent (water, carbon dioxide, dry chemical, etc.) according to the weight and size of the cylinder

  • Then The extinguisher is re-pressurized with the appropriate pressurizing gas .

  • The technicians complete a final Leak Test of the extinguisher and reinstall the discharge nozzle or the hose.

  • The extinguisher is weighed again to confirm that the total weight and A brand new tamper seal is installed on the safety pin of the extinguisher and a new recharge tag is attached to the extinguisher having details of weight and completion of process.

Where To Refill Fire Extinguisher

From the place you bought your fire extinguishers is the best place from where you can refill your fire extinguishers, though there are various places where you can get your extinguisher refilled, also we are one of them where you can get reliable and professional fire extinguisher refill that too on flexible rates according to the market. It doesn’t matter if you have bought your fire extinguisher from us but we’ll still be providing you genuine and accurate services.

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