Why Fire Protection System Is Important In A Building?

May 16, 2020
Posted by Shyama Fire

A fire protection system is one of the most important safety components of a building, regardless of whatever type of building it is residential complex, commercial facility, hospital or educational facility. Without any fire protection system, the precious lives of those who are living or working inside the building are placed at a high risk in the event of any fire emergency. That’s why the fire protection systems have been designed to help protect the building and its occupants during a fire. Buildings are enclosed in shape and don’t have much space for protection if any fire broke out there without a proper fire protection system it’ll be very dangerous for people inside it.

There Are Two Type Of Fire Protection System

The Passive Fire Protection system uses systems that don’t require any motion or action in order to work related to eliminating fire. Smoke and fire Dampers prevent the spreading of flames and smoke in the building through the ductwork of a facility. Fire Walls and Barriers or even the Fire Doors, if kept shut, help to contain the fire only to one specific location of the building and stops it from doing further damage to other parts of the building. Photo luminescent and glowing Path Marking Systems and Exit Signs will continue to glow and show way in smoky conditions, allowing people to navigate their way to safety. Ultimately passive fire protection systems compartmentalize a building into sections so that in a fire emergency it will contain and slow the spread of the fire and smoke, while helping to guide occupants safely out of danger. Passive fire protection system is a safety measure which is made when the construction of a building is in process, but to ensure completely that the building and everyone living or working inside will be completely protected, the building needs to have both passive and active fire protection systems.

Active Fire Protection system uses a system that requires a certain amount of motion and action in order to work properly and accurately. These systems use some amount of actions and reactions to notify us of the fire and smoke conditions, Active fire protection system comprises fire sprinkler, Smoke detector, Smoke alarm, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and manual fire fighting. Active fire protection works on collective working of all the above given fire protection components. But the actual fire protection is done by an active fire protection system as it eliminates and controls fire actually instead of containing it to one part of the building.

Active and Passive Both Important For Building

As you can see, a building’s fire protection system plays a very important role in providing the building and people working and living in it with protection in the event of any fire emergency. Each system approaches towards the threat differently, but is critical to the integrity of the building and the safety of those inside. However, in order for these systems to work properly they need to be maintained and kept up-to-date with the latest fire safety code.

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